When Very Best of All Civ (2) was realeased, Some of the Elite Army were still on sale.

Very Best of All Civ (2) IEdit

Update civ

Cash ItemsEdit

  • Wyvern Rider Barracks
  • Barrack Lizard Gladiator
  • Tutankamon Barracks
  • Golden Paladin Barracks
  • Stratos Barracks
  • Elf Gryphon Barracks
  • Elf Priest Barracks

Gold ItemsEdit

  • Mace Gladiator Barrack
  • Elf Archer Barracks
  • Crusher Orc Barrack

Very Best of All Civ (2) IIEdit


Cash ItemsEdit

  • Bull Gladiator Barrack
  • Black Lizard Barrack
  • Supreme Barracks
  • Lythos Titan Barracks

Gold ItemsEdit

  • Elf Swordman Barracks
  • Barrack Spearman Gladiator (?) [I or II]

On-Sale Elite ArmyEdit

  • Burning Tiger Barrack
  • T-Rex Barrack
  • Punisher Knight Barrack

Official Social Point ThreadsEdit

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