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I am King Arthur, and I swore I would protect my Empire, no matter the menace! The good old days finished when the Dark Evil God descended into Social Empires lands, summoning deadly forces. A shadow covered my kingdom, plunged into darkness. And this evil force brought Infernals and fearful dragons from hellish voids to our precious lands!

My troops fought ferociously, but we weren't powerful enough... Until I found a parchment book from the secret library of the castle. It belonged to the counselor wizard from one of my past ancestors. Its pages revealed to me an ancient spell, a spell to summon five elemental gods from beyond the boundaries of space and time.

These were the sigil words I found in one of the parchment pages: Ignis. Silva. Aqua. Lux. Anima.

All of a sudden, the five sigils materialized into floating magic light balls! They all dispersed, breaking the walls of the dungeon, and began to fly around the castle. A magic halo covered it, creating a protection shield. Finally, the five light balls exploded and, descending majestically from the skies, five titanic giants appeared from the skies.

They were the Elemental Gods, the Ones who created our world!They all faced the Dark Evil God, and I witnessed the most epic battle of all times...