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Health 10000
Attack 500
Range 15
Population 10
Delay 35
Speed 6
Unit Limit None
Revive Cost
  • 20 Resurrect Potions
  • 100 Cash
Sacrifice Earnings
XP Gained For Placing From Storage
Selling Price In Storage

Attacks + SkillsEdit

Normal Attack
Supreme Balls Shoots Supreme Balls at your enemy
Supreme Rain Rains Supreme Balls at your enemy
Supreme Whirlwind Throws and poisons enemies away
Spawn Draggy Spawns 2 Supreme Bahamut Draggies (Max 6)

Ways to get itEdit

  • Supreme Dragon Temple + All 7 Offerings + All 5 Sacrifices + Waiting Time Of 48 Days (Unless if you sped it up)

Known BugsEdit

  • Supreme Rain sometimes does not work

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