Date Format: DD/MM/YYYY

02/02/2012 to 04/02/2012

Rare- Werewolf

Rare- Vulcano Draggy

Uncommon-Rhino Rider

Uncommon-Earth Wizard

Common-Elf Royal Archer


GRAND PRIZE- Black Dragon Rider

05/02/2012 to 11/02/2012

Rare- Golden Golem

Rare- Death Draggie

Uncommon- Barbarian

Uncommon- Red Wizard

Common- Royal Elf

Common- War Troll

GRAND PRIZE- Golden Dragon rider

12/02/2012 to 18/02/2012

Rare- Black Yeti

Rare- Celestial Draggy

Uncommon- Spartan Champion

Uncommon- Water Wizard

Common- Amazon Warrior

Common- Willy Wallace

GRAND PRIZE- Epic 2-Headed Dragon Rider

19/02/2012 to 25/02/2012

Rare- Avenging Paladin

Rare- Rubies Draggy

Uncommon- Ent

Uncommon- Black Wizard

Common- Demon Crusher

Common- Ravager Troll

GRAND PRIZE- Sayan Dragon Rider

26/02/2012 to 3/03/2012

Rare- Frankenstein

Rare- Crystal Draggy

Uncommon- Red Samurai

Uncommon- White Wizard

Common- Infernal Demon

Common- Chinese Archer

GRAND PRIZE- Two-Headed Dragon Rider

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